Tasos Pafralides and his sister Evdokia run a small gas station in Thessaloniki. In the wintertime, they also supply fuel oil to many of the apartment buildings and houses in the city. But the deepening economic crisis in Greece means more and more people are unable to pay for the oil. A Greek Winter follows Tasos as he goes about his work in the city. He has to listen to many tales of woe about rising taxes and corrupt politicians, and to pleas for deferred payment. Elderly people in particular – many of whom have been deserted by their own children – are at their wit’s end. As one woman puts it, “We used to be able to take care of ourselves, but now we’ve become beggars in our own country.” Unlike his sister, Tasos seems indifferent and businesslike, consciously choosing not to let any friendship develop with his customers, because “in the end they’ll take advantage of it.” This is a film about coldness and warmth, in a climatic sense as well as in human relationships.

director: Ingeborg Jansen
DOP: Ingeborg Jansen & Stephan Polman
sound: Christina Pitouli & Susanne Helmer
music & sounddesign: Jeroen Goeijers
editing: Paul de Heer NCE & Patrick Minks
colorcorrection: Michiel Rummens
graphic design: Susanne Keilhak
fixer/translator Greece: Dimitra Finou
line producer: Merle Bemelmans
producers: Hasse van Nunen & Renko Douze
broadcaster: IKON Docs
commissioning editor: Margje de Koning
sales agent: Rise and Shine
length: 58' & '70

IDFA - 2016 - Amsterdam
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival - 2017 - Greece
Goteborg International Film Festival - Sweden
Docpoint - Finland
Festival du Film et Forum International sur les droits humains - Zwitserland
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