Haunted by his violent past, lawyer Anuol returns to his homeland South Sudan, committed to serve his country and hold accountable those responsible. But his quest hits a wall when he is confronted with reluctance to reconcile with history. The film was broadcasted by IKON Docs, distributed by Cinema Delicatessen and premiered at ONE World 2016.

director & producer: Ilse van Velzen & Femke van Velzen
production company: IF productions
director of photography:
Rogier Timmermans
additional cinematography: Stefano Bertacchini
research & scenario: Ilse & Femke van Velzen / Bibi Bleekemolen
sound: Femke van Velzen
editor: Paul de Heer NCE
music & Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
translation Dinka: Rose Ayuel Rehan
script & edit advice: Peter Delpeut
stock footage: ITN SOURCE/REUTERS / Journeyman pictures
subtitling: Elvira Willems
titles: Bas Kinsbergen
post-production: FILMDOC
grader: Gerhard van der Beek
broadcaster: IKON- DOCS
commissioning editor: Margje de Koning, Barbara Wiesing


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