'Captured in Beauty' depicts the life and work of the unknown 20th century Dutch artists couple Karin and Ernst van Leyden. During their nomadic lifetime they travelled and painted everywhere while socialising with artists like Man Ray, Picasso, Salvador Dali and Willem de Kooning. Their desire for fame and their struggles, derived from their voluminous personal lettres and glamourous photographs, show a growing concern for their image as artists; their ultimate piece of art. Ragnar, their now elderly son sketches a shocking picture of the absent parents of his childhood. Nowadays a collective of art collectors are fascinated by the Van Leydens and try to put them, still a footnote in art history, posthumously on the map. The film was broadcasted by Omroep Flevoland and TV Rijnmond.

Regisseur: Frederieke Jochems
Producent: Frederieke Jochems
Uitvoerend:  Producent Claudia Ruiz
Scenario: Frederieke Jochems
Research: Sandra van Beek
Camera: Andras Hamelberg
Set Geluid: Minou de Leeuw
Geluidsnabewerking: Max Frick
Sound Design: Max Frick
Visual Effects: Amos Mulder
Editor: Paul de Heer
Muziek: Han Otten
Productiebedrijf: Franjo Studio
TV company: Omroep Flevoland
TV company: RTV Rijnmond

lengte: 54'

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