Wherever war breaks out, men with guns rape. During the decades of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo possibly hundreds of thousands of women and girls were brutally raped.
In Weapon of War military perpetrators unveil what lies behind this brutal behavior and the strategies of rape as a war crime.
An ex-rebel explains how he raped. Like for many ex-soldiers, starting a normal life again is a struggle filled with trauma. In an attempt to reconcile with his past, he decides to meets one of his victims in an attempt to obtain forgiveness.
Captain Basima is working as a priest in Congo's army and confronts perpetrators of rape. He urges them to change. Just like he did.
Scenario & Directing: Ilse van Velzen
Producer: Femke van Velzen, IFproductions
Camera/DOP: Bram van Spengen
Sound : Femke van Velzen
Editing: Paul de Heer, NCE
Music & Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
Field producer: Nynke Douma
Production assistant DRC: Salomon Byamungu
Translations French: Nynke Douma
Translation Mashi: Tina Musole Mirindi
Translation Lingala/Swahili: Emmanuel Nyembo
Translation Lingala: Henri Nijila
Subtitles: Elvira Willems
Colour grading: Michiel Rummens
Online: Amator
Sponsors: Kingdom of the Netherlands, ICCO, Oxvam Novib, Cordaid, Untited Broadcast Facilities, MMM, Stichting Democratie en Media
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